FAQ's  (As of 7/14/23)

All sessions require a 30% deposit.  Session fees include time and creative talent from Photographer and do not include prints or products.

"What do you mean by looks?"

Looks are considered wardrobe changes.  Along with the wardrobe we will change the lighting and backgrounds as well.
You may add or take away one piece such as glasses or a jacket to a look without having it count as a different look.
The minimum is a 2 look session.

"Where do we shoot, and how will weather effect my shoot?"

All studio shoots are shot in a natural light studio.  We have full control over light and backgrounds.  All outdoor shoots are subject to weather conditions and may be cancelled up to 1 hour prior to the event.

"Do I need to use the Hair/Makeup Artist?"

Although using a professional makeup artist is not required, it is highly recommended, especially for women.  Even if you are skilled at doing your own makeup for daily use, doing makeup for on camera & photographs is different.  I want you to focus on the acting and direction, not worrying about touch ups or hair in your face.  My Makeup Artists stay for the entire shoot to touch up, make small changes and to make sure the hair is in place and keeps you looking your best while shooting!